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Talk about creativity. I just had to share this video made by Konzerthausorchester Berlin – an orchestra from Berlin, Germany (obviously) which is where I live and write my adventure stories for kids.

It’s brilliant how they demonstrate not only the versatility of their instruments but also manage to paint a delightful portrait of city life as well.

trabant at berlin wall

A ‘Trabi’ at the Berlin Wall

In the above video they reproduce the sounds of the famous Trabant car – the noisy, smelly, underpowered and unreliable automobile from the former East Germany – using only their instruments. Anyone who has ever driven one of these will recognise the unmistakable sound imitated so authentically by these amazing musicians.

They’ve made several videos like this one and you can find them on their YouTube page

Other topics include the famous Berlin invention of a sausage with curry sauce (Currywurst) as well as a ride on the underground train.

Well worth checking out and please share with your friends as such a simple idea, cleverly executed deserves a wide audience.

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